10 Best ITI Courses For Students After 10th, 12th Class

List of 10 best ITI courses for students which can be done after 10th & 12th class which are quite Popular and well known courses for School students to get the desired Job. ITI course is the best way to learn Business skills. It is not necessary that everyone should be a Doctor or an IIT engineer. You can also be a technician or a mechanic. If you do not want to pursue higher education then you can do diploma in various ITI courses. In this article Edunometry brings you 10 ITI Courses from which you can choose anyone. So let’s start.

best iti courses for students

Best ITI Courses for Students after 10th & 12th

Generally ITI courses are for 2 years and as soon as you complete the course, you get a job. Your Educational Qualification should be either 8th pass or 10th pass. Apart from this, ITI courses are for women also.

1. Electrician

What you call an electrician, there is nothing to understand. If you are less skilled and have completed matriculation then Electrician is really good ITI course for you. In today’s advanced and Hi-tech world, the need of power keeps on increasing. So there is a huge scope for the Electricians.

2. Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal work is all about repairing metal products you just have 8th pass and ITI courses are available for sheet metal worker in more than 15 states in India.

3. Moulder (Mold Maker)

Moulder is a Craftsman Molding Vocational ITI Course. Here you have to pass at least matriculation or 10th. In more than 6 states in India, this course is active for 2 years long.

4. Draftsman Mechanical

The duration of ITI course for Draftsman Mechanical is 2 years and you must have passed 10th with Science and Maths. Apprentice training may be of 3 years but will be fit to be employed.

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5. Mechanical Computer Hardware

This ITI course is a bit technical and you need some educational background. ITI course for Mechanic Computer Hardware can be 2 years or 3 years long. You need 10th pass and courses are available in more than 15 states.

6. Motor Mechanic

It is one of the most popular ITI courses in this list. There is a lot to learn and because of huge scope, there are number of Job opportunities. Jobs are in high demand for motor mechanics if you can complete 2 years course from any ITI then you can easily get job.

7. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant

The duration of ITI course for Computer Operator and Programming Assistant is only 1 year. Here you are introduced to the installation of hardware system, control and code etc. You should be 10th pass to apply for this course.

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8. Interior decoration and designing

The course can be of 1 year and you should be 10th pass. If you are taking ITI course then you should expect yourself to be self employed.

9. Machine tool maintenance

After 10th it can be 2 years long ITI course. If you want a diploma in machine tool maintenance then you must have 10th pass with science and Maths.

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10. Architecture Draftsmanship

It is better advised that you take this course 3 years long and get a diploma. You must be 10th pass for this ITI course. The job prospects are really many.

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