5 Best Computer Courses After 12th For Any Stream Student

Wondering about the best computer courses after 12th class? Get ready to add extra computer course on your resume to enhance its value. Begin your basic computer education after schooling with basic courses. After 12th, there are many fields or courses that take a long time to do. But there are some courses which can be done only in a period of 6 to 12 months and after doing these courses, career can be given a new direction. We are talking about computer courses. In the modern era, every work is done on computer and people knows the importance of computer education. Hence the demand for people to operate and handle them has also increased. That is why there are better career options in this field in which a career can be made.

5 Best Computer Courses After 12th Class

Get ready to find out the 5 best computer courses after 12th class. We are giving you information about some such courses which can prove to be very beneficial for the 12th pass students. There were not many Courses available in 2011, but today there are many Computer Courses which you can do after 12th. It doesn’t matter which stream you opted. These courses can be done by student of any stream.

best computer courses after 12th

1. Basic computer course for all students

If you have 0% knowledge about computer, then this course is for you. In this course, you are given the basic knowledge of computer. Like, how computer starts, basic information of computer, how to solve small problems in computer, Microsoft in computer, what is Excel, what is Internet, how to send email, etc.

This course is maximum 3 or 6 months. You can do this course easily from any private computer institute. If you already have done all these things, then you can move to other course.

2. Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

This can be done after passing the course 12th. This course is specially designed for those students who want to study in Computer Field after 12th. In this course you are taught to make Computer Fundamentals, Programming Languages, Networking, Software Developing, Application.

The duration of this course is 3 years, after doing this course, you can do Graduation. Because of this course, you get admission in Graduation in direct 2nd year and you can do Degree Course Complete further. Thereafter it can help you in getting job in any computer field or IT company.

3. VFX and Animation Computer Course

This is a very demanding and popular course in which you are taught about visual effects, Animation, 3D Technology, graphics, Film Making, Designing, all these skills. There are a lot of computer institutes for this course where you can learn it.

You can also complete Diploma, Advance and Graduate Level courses according to your qualifications and after that you can opt for good job. There is a huge demand of animation and 3d technology especially in Film Industries. You can also work independently but you will have to work a little bit more.

4. Web Designing Computer Course

If you have an interest in creating websites, you can do Web Designing Computer Courses under web development in which you are taught about HTML, PHP, Java Script and some other Computer Languages. The duration of this course is one year thereafter you can learn more languages.

Graphic Design: Although graphic design is a separate subject, but it comes under web designing. This is the craft of creating visual content to make messages happy. Implementing the visual hierarchy and page layout technique, web designers use typography and illustrations to meet the specific needs of the user, as well as focusing on the logic of displaying elements in the interactive design to optimize the user experience.

5. Computer Hardware Maintenance

Some students are interested in software and some are interested in hardware. Therefore a course of hardware maintenance can also be done. It specifically teaches hardware maintenance, computer hardware, repair.

Apart from this, diploma in computer science, computerized accounting, diploma in computer application course can also be done. A talented person does not need to market himself, as companies find him to land lucrative jobs. Being a hardware engineer is an asset to a company and that is why companies do not want to let such assets go anywhere.

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