Easy Tips To Minimize Stress During Exams For Good Marks

Here are the simple & easy Tips to minimize stress during exams which are helpful in getting good marks. Students can follow these tips and tricks by removing the stress caused. Know what is the effect of study stress on students mentally and physically.

Whether or not there are examinations, students are never discharged from studies. Be it school or home or summer vacation, students always have a lot of syllabus to read. Sometimes students do not know how they are getting stressed? And what effect it can have on studies. It is very important for students to identify study stress so that they can read properly and they do not harm health. Let us know what causes study stress and how you can protect yourself from study stress.

What are the causes of Exam Stress?

  • Incomplete preparation or thinking too much about exams.
  • Tension of exams troubles all the time.
  • Angry or irritable without any reason.
  • Don’t remember anything after reading.
  • Wander while studying / miss some other work while studying.
  • Prolonged reading leads to headache
  • Sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness at night.
  • Loss of appetite or feeling hungry all the time (even after eating food for no reason).
  • Lack of energy in the body, sadness with anxiety and desire not to talk to anyone.

All these symptoms are related to the stress of studies. If students feel all or some of these symptoms and they do not take any measures to reduce them, then they can also become a victim of depression.

Easy Steps To Minimize Stress During Exams

tips to minimize stress during exams

1. Spend time with family or friends: Spending time alone can increase stress. If you just study all the time or do not talk to anyone, then you will have negative thoughts, your mind will be restless and you will be stuck in other problems. Therefore, it is important for students to spend time with their family or friends and share their thoughts with them.

2. Meditate or do yoga: You can resort to meditation and yoga to calm your mind and remove negative thoughts from your mind. This will relieve you of the problems of headache or problems like sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness.

3. Do outdoor or physical activities: Students need to take breaks in between studies, for this they should do physical activities such as playing games or exercise which will keep energy in their body. By spending all the time in their study room, the students will have increased stress and headache and also the eyesight can be reduced, so it is important that they go out of the house and get some sun and physical exercise.

4. Participate in extracurricular activities: You do not get a break from studying only with outdoor activities, you can do any work of your mind so that you get happiness. You can either read books or listen to movies, video games or even songs. But keep in mind that you should not waste all your time in video games or movies, because studying is also important.

5. Write your thoughts in diary: Students cannot share everything with their parents or friends and they do not understand what to do in such a situation. In such a situation, take a pen and diary and write down the feelings or thoughts in your mind. By doing this your mind will become lighter and your tension will also be removed. If you want that no one reads these things, then you can also destroy them later.

All these measures will help in minimizing the stress caused by your studies and you should take all these measures to remove the obstacles in your studies. Do not think excessively for exams and steal your mind from studies. Whenever there is any negative thought, talk to someone.

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