Essential Basic Computer Courses For Beginners To Build Good Foundation

Begin your computer education or of your kid with basic computer courses suitable for the beginners. The word computer is derived from the word “Compute” in English, which means “computation”. This is why it is also called calculator or computer. It was invented to calculate Calculation. Earlier, it was used only for calculating. But nowadays it is being used in document making, e-mail, viewing audio and video, play games, database preparation as well as many other works.

The computer only does the work that we ask it to do. That is, it only follows the commands that are already inserted inside the computer. It does not have the ability to think inside, the person who runs the computer is the user, and the person who creates the program for the computer is called the programmer. As you know every student must have computer education because it is connected to almost every field.

Basic Computer Courses For Beginners

If you see today, there are many computer courses available that you can do after 10th or after 12th. If you do not want to do any specialized course, then you must do basic computer course. In this you are given basic software, internet and general information of the computer.

basic computer courses for beginners

Operating / running computer

This is the basic step of computer education. Its general information is taught to you, such as how to turn it off without touching the electric switches. Also, in the basic course you are also told which software you can open from where. And where all its software present. Along with Peripheral Devices connected with the computer, you are also taught.

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Notepad Software

Notepad is the most common software used by any computer for writing. This software comes with the operating system / Operating System of the computer itself. There is no need to install it from outside, we can type in anything. If you want to save some small information, then you can use Notepad. See, in basic course notepad is taught to you, but in advanced level, notepad is used for web designing.

WordPad Software

This software is made a little Advance from Notepad, in which you get some more options. We can put some formatting on the text that we write in WordPad. It can be called a shortened form of Microsoft Word. In this, we get a lot of things to learn. We can put different styles on those text by writing normal text, putting them on the right side or left side or middle, as well as subscript or superscript on any text. Some other features like bullets and numbering are also available to use in this software.

MS Office or Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a bunch of software which comes with lot of software used for Office and other purposes. You can use it for any general office to top level office work. Most of the work of writing and combining data is done in it. This is the most used software in any domestic use and office work. This software is made by Microsoft company. The most used MS office softwares these days are:

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS PowerPoint
  4. MS Access
  5. MS Publisher
  6. MS Outlook
  7. MS OneNote


In this basic computer course, you are also given information about internet, how you can use internet. In this, you are taught how to create an E-Mail account, how to send E-Mail to someone on the Internet, how to create account (sign-up) on a particular website. Apart from this, lessons like watching exam results on the internet are also taught.

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