Prepare for NEET 2021 exam at home to score very good marks. Here are some exam tips to crack this examination. Without being a part of any formal coaching institute, a lot of hard work and dedication will be required to prepare for the NEET competitive examination from home. As Shakespeare puts it, “all things are ready, if our mind is ready”, so candidates should be mentally prepared to work extra hard without any ready-made help for preparing for NEET 2021 from home. There is a need to have a formal attitude towards the vision and a positive attitude towards time table to ensure that the preparation of NEET 2021 will not be weakened at home.

How to prepare for NEET 2021 Exam?

While preparing for NEET at home it should always be kept in mind that the exam tests the knowledge and competitive ability of the candidates. The ability to prepare for NEET 2021 from home will depend on how well the candidates have studied and how much preparation has been done with focus.

how to prepare for neet 2021 exam

Know your exam very well

Before starting the preparation of NEET at home, it is necessary that the candidates have complete knowledge about the exam. NEET 2021 will be conducted on 1 August 2021 in offline mode by the National Examination Agency (National Testing Agency- NTA). The NEET 2021 exam consists of 45 questions in Physics, 45 questions in Chemistry and 90 questions in Biology.

The NEET Exam is of 720 marks. Hence the subject of biology has an effective role in the preparation of NEET. Physics and Chemistry subjects play a decisive role in NEET 2021 placing many candidates in a better position.

Create your own unique study plan

Preparation of NEET 2021 is a process of continuous learning. However, it is mandatory to have a plan for regular routine as it makes the preparation for NEET exam from home sharp and it also explains its way. Therefore, the first step would be to recognize that time is very valuable for preparation of NEET 2021 and a little time wastage can have a lasting effect. Be it school test, examination or homework, every aspect has to be included in the strategy of preparing for NEET 2021 exam from home. You may also like to know tips to get good marks in Math.

Create time table & follow it strictly

It is very important to have consistency for preparing neet at home. Since you will not be a part of the coaching classroom, you will have to make your own schedule and follow that table as well. A smooth and hassle-free time table will help maintain the consistency necessary to achieve the goal.

Every student has a different habit of study. Therefore determine the ability to sit and concentrate. You can start with at least three hours daily and increase the duration of the study hours, increasing the speed of preparation. This way it will not be a burden.

Although it is extremely important to follow the time table! You must follow the timetable in all circumstances except in emergency and unavoidable circumstances. The importance of being regular can be understood in the words of Shivananda Saraswati, “A regular and punctual person will have definite success in all areas of life.”

Start getting a grip with NCERT books

It will be clear from a glance at NEET 2021 syllabus that NCERT textbooks of class 11 and 12 are very important for important topics. These text books are also followed in CBSE affiliated schools. Therefore, in order to give a better start to your NEET preparation from home, you should give a lot of emphasis to study with NCERT books.

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Try mock test at-least once a week

Practicing questions is mandatory to check the level of understanding of the concepts learned when one prepares the NEET from home. This also increases the level of understanding the language of NEET 2021 questions. Therefore practicing mock test is as important as understanding the concept. Solving mock tests develops the habit of completing the questions within the stipulated time. Apart from this, also take help of NEET sample papers.

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Stay Focused & Believe in your preparation

Remember that preparing for NEET 2021 from home requires a lot of focus on self-study and being determined. So, whatever the situation, find the source of a determination that can take you to the destination of this journey of self-study. Do not be too harsh towards you.

Maintaining your hobbies is an experience filled with new energy. In fact, taking a break of one or two days from your schedule is also exempt as long as you remain focused and determined. Keep good eating habits so that you can keep more distance from diseases. Be creative in your own way to stay inspired! By following all these tips, the candidate can get better score in NEET 2021 result.

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