Today, we’re going to talk about importance of Computer Education. In today’s world of computers and Internet, the imagination of any field without computers is incomplete, we all have completed it with the help of our school books and black board. But now the standard of education is becoming very high. Among the scientific inventions which have made a revolutionary contribution in making the society good and progressive, today the computer has definitely got the top position. The speed with which computers have entered all walks of life is truly a matter of surprise.

History of Computer

The first attempts to invent computers were made in Greece and Egypt. The instrument named Abacus was invented there 1000 years Before Christ. It was useful in calculating and solving mathematics related questions. In 1673, a young man named Blaise Pascal of France made a computer. The modern computer was invented in 1833 AD by a mathematician named Charles Babbage of England.

importance of computer education

Why Computer Education is Must Today?

  1. Many important works are being done from the computer itself. Computer is helpful in finding medicines for incurable diseases. Computer is playing a major role in predicting natural disasters.
  2. There is a computer spot for the operation of large industries, banking, communication, transportation and even for the service of the general housewife. Computer has not only increased the efficiency of man, but has also expanded his intellectual capacity immensely.
  3. Today computer has been accepted as an integral part of education. Today, the future of students is connected to computers. Whether he/she wants to become a clerk or a businessman, a scientist or go into management field, artist or teacher, computer education has become his/her additional qualification.
  4. If we consider the present perspective from the point of view of livelihood and employment, then immense possibilities of opportunities are being targeted in the IT sector and software industry. Computer education is compulsory for them. In this way, the utility of computer education is being proved from every point of view.
  5. Now the multipurpose form of computer education has emerged. Because it makes the mathematical work simple, as well as complex tasks like printing, sound communication, word storage and direct picture combination are also being done in different languages.
  6. There are unprecedented wonders of computer science. It has changed the way of life of human society. There has been an unprecedented increase in human ability to work with computers. A computer alone does the work of hundreds of people.
  7. In today’s modern world, the number of people using smartphones has also increased considerably. Knowledge of computer also proves to be very beneficial in using these smartphones.

So these are some important things which prove that why computer education is highly recommendable these days. Hope you found this article helpful.

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