Tips To Create Attractive Resume For Good Impression

Searching for a job? Well, you may need to go through some tips to create attractive resume. Everybody needs a Professional Resume for Job Interview. In this case, the format of your Resume should be different. You can create a tremendous Resume using your Phone / Laptop. It is very important to have an attractive resume because this is your first Impression. It does more than 35% work to keep the Interviewer interested in you.

Sometimes questions related to it are also asked in Interview. Therefore, before resume writing, it becomes important to know its meaning and purpose. Generally we also call it Bio Data and CV (Curriculum Vitae). When a person go for a job interview, the first thing that is asked from us is the resume, so it is very important to make a good resume. Here are some simple tips to create attractive resume for boys and girls. These tips can increase the probability of getting a job.

tips to create attractive resume

Important tips to create attractive resume

So friends, it is very important that you get your biodata done before going to any job interview. Today we are going to tell you in our post what to write in your resume and what information you should highlight in it. Let’s not waste much time, & see how to create or write biodata in an attractive way.

Enter your full name and information

One thing must be kept in mind that here you must give the correct information whether it’s your email ID or phone number. This is because they can contact you later. If your number is wrong there, they will not be able to contact you and you will not be able to get your desired job.

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Write your proper education qualification

Write your complete education qualification in your resume and it goes down from lower to higher studies. For example, write your schooling education first thereafter your graduation and post graduation and so on. Do not forget to write passing year of the respective course. You can write your marks also only when you feel you must write it.

Have extra qualification? Must write it

Here if you have done any extra course like basic computer course or tally course or any other course you have done. It will leave a great impression on the interviewer. But one thing must be kept in mind that whatever documents you write in extra qualification, you should have all the documents because if they agreed that yes you have done this course then you should bring the document.

Languages known plays a vital role

Yes, Languages plays a crucial role in getting the job. Those who are fluent in many languages have an extra edge over the others during the interview. Here, you have to write information about the languages known. You have to mention it clearly that which languages you can speak, read and write.

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Work Experience, the backbone of your resume

Some interviewees are freshers, some are experienced. If you have previously worked in another company, you can write your whole work experience starting from your joining date, leaving date and reason for leaving. What was the name of the company, how long you worked in that company, you have to write these things clearly on your resume. Write “I am a fresher” if you don’t have work experience.

Your hobbies tells a lot about you

Here you have to write about your hobbies like if you like to play football then you can write it. If you like to listen songs, you can write it. Do not mention your those hobbies about which you don’t know anything. This is because sometimes, the interviewer asks you questions related to your hobbies and if you are failed to answer the questions related to your hobbies, it’ll leave a bad impression.

What format of the resume should be?

  • You always have to keep in mind that your resume does not get too long and you should keep it limited to one or two pages. Many people thinks that if their biodata is increased too much or too many pages, then they will get a job, but friends, there is no such thing at all. You have to keep your resume minimalist.
  • While writing the resume, you should pay much attention to your spelling because spelling mistake can cost you the job.
  • Use professional fonts on headings and sub-headings. It is very important that whenever you are creating your resume, resume or CV, you have to use professional fonts.
  • Do not to use fancy fonts at all because it will make your resume unprofessional.
  • The more you keep your biodata simple, the better it will be for you, so do not start making any design here. CV should be your simple and somber.
  • Use bullets or numberings for points because it will help the interview for flesh reading as reading paragraphs is comparatively hard.
  • Whenever you go for an interview, take your resume in a folder and never take it in your hand by folding it.

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