These 10 tips will give you more than 95% marks in every Exam

Score more than 95% marks in every Exam with these Exam tips. Some best tips are revise regularly, maintain Confidence, have Balanced Diet, Solve model papers, etc. Be it the exam, apart from revision and problem solving, it is important to take care of many other things. That’s why we are telling you such tips, which you should keep in mind. Now the Exam season is going on and there are many concerns among the students regarding Exam preparation. So I thought why not share some tips about Exam preparation to all of you. Go through these simple and impressive tips that will help you in scoring great in your Exams.

tips to score more than 95 percent

1. Take Short breaks

If you read continuously, you will not remember anything. Therefore it is necessary to take a break. Take a break of 10 minutes every hour. Then sit down to read.

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2. Start with tough topics

Whenever you start studying, do it with a difficult subject. When the mind is fresh, whatever you read is remembered.

3. Take care of syllabus

Do not keep studying the same topic. Now study to prepare a timetable according to the number of days left and your syllabus.

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4. Have a Balanced diet

Avoid outside food and drink just before the exam. Take home-cooked fresh food, fruits. Eat such food that the energy remains. Get plenty of water.

5. Make Notes

Make notes of all the important points. These are very useful in last time revision.

6. Don’t get stressed

It may be that at this time parents or teachers pressurize you to study continuously or get good marks. You just give your full effort, don’t worry about the result.

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7. Solve Model Papers

Solving model papers can help you a lot. This will make you a habit of solving the paper in the stipulated time.

8. Solve all Questions

In whichever topic you do not understand, remove related doubts from it. Don’t keep anything for later.

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9. Maintain Confidence

Be confident in what you have read. You know everything, go to give the paper with this thought.

10. Prepare Checklist

Make a checklist of the things you need to carry with you on paper day. Keep them in one place and then start preparing.

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