Top Work From Home Jobs With Good Salary

Check out the top work-from-home jobs with a Good Salary. These best online work Jobs will give you the opportunity to start your own Business or work as Self-Employed also. The participation of men in freelance or work from home, i.e. telecommuting, globally is more because now companies are also liking to work from home. Online sources help with this type of work and learning. Get ready because edunometry brings you top work from home jobs right over here.

top work from home jobs

Content writing work from home job

You can find information on any subject on the Internet. Content writing is one of the most popular online jobs among today’s youngsters. Content writers transmit this information to you in a very systematic way. They are trained in this work. Content writers write the content of a site, provide blog articles, write articles.

Their job is to write e-books, online class scripts, email duplication, product design, and web-based media articles. Degree in ‘Journalism and Mass Communication’ and courses like copywriting / blogging/content writing on online platforms will be effective.

How much will be the income?

Rs.15,000 to 20,000 can be easily earned in the beginning while working from home.

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Digital marketing Online Job

Digital marketing professionals contribute to building a strong online presence of a brand. In this, they work from SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing to social media marketing. Social Media Manager is responsible for organizing campaigns, promoting content, controlling content, increasing the reach of the brand on the online platform.

Recognized courses such as ‘PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication’ will give a good basis. Online courses are also available from digital platforms such as Udemy, Google Digital Garage, and many large business schools.

How much will be the income?

In the beginning, there can be an income of 20 to 40 thousand rupees per month.

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Web Development Work from Home

These days most companies are adopting advanced domains. The salary or pay for a web developer in the job market at this time is very good. Especially, those who have proficiency in Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc. can also work independently.

Generally, web developers plan and build the website. But they also interfere with working for the part of the website where the user’s contact connects to the site. Youth with degrees/diplomas in computer science, computer applications, or web designing as well as youth who have taken online courses can also get opportunities.

How much will be the income?

In this trained youth can get 16 to 23 thousand rupees per month.

Graphic Designing

It is the art of visual communication. Graphic designers provide graphic solutions for company promotion or marketing activities. In this field, you will get the opportunity of specialization in Media and Advertising, Publishing, Public Relations, Industrial Design, etc.

These professionals provide layout and production design for websites, advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports. There are general degrees and diplomas in graphic design and many online certification courses.

How much will be the income?

35 thousand rupees per month can be earned comfortably by working independently here.

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Online Teaching

There has been a lot of demand in the field of edtech since the corona pandemic. Professionals and students in this field are all turning to online solutions. Many online tutorial forums, such as Chegg (OU), pay as much as $20 per hour to teach each subject. Professionals can also adopt online forums.

How much will be the income?

By joining many online forums of teaching, you can easily earn up to 30 thousand rupees per month.

Online Work of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology, hitherto limited to banking, financial services, and insurance, has now become a mainstream technology. Now it is also emerging as a modern-day solution for industries like Healthcare, Education, Retail, Supply Chain & Logistics, Transportation. Must possess specialized skills, such as software development, computer networking, cryptography, and data structures, and algorithms.

A blockchain developer builds a strong network structure keeping cyberattacks in mind and contributes to further strengthening the impact of the blockchain. Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computer Technology will give you a good foundation. There are many certificate and diploma courses in blockchain technology available online.

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How much will be the income?

You can easily earn 4 to 7 lakh rupees per year by working independently.

HR Recruiter Work from Home Job

The job of ‘HR Enrollment Specialist’ in the Human Resource Department is never-ending. Job responsibilities in working independently would include searching for employees on the internet, looking at their CVs, attending interviews, etc. There are also many online certification courses available for HR recruiters.

Online recruiter training or certification courses along with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Business Administration, or Human Resources will help you increase your income while working as an independent HR recruiter.

How much will be the income?

In this way, you can easily earn around 20-25 thousand rupees per month.

So these are the top work from home jobs which are quite popular and pay handsome salaries. If you found this article helpful, don’t hesitate in sharing it with others.

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